Video transcription

Hello! I'm Dr. Brad Cohen, an orthopaedic surgeon with Aventura Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine here in Aventura, Florida. Let's talk about how long you stay in the hospital after a knee replacement surgery. A typical hospitalization after a knee replacement surgery would be about three to four days or ever it could be up to seven days in some patients. The length of hospitalization will be depend on the patient's progress after surgery. If someone has uncomplicated stay then they would then be transferred to a in-patient rehab facility or go home and get out-patient physical therapy. And some patients with medical comorbidities may require a longer in-patient hospitalization to deal with their other medical problems. While in the hospital they can get in-patient physical therapy in the hospital which can continue on an out-patient basis after discharge. While in the hospital, it's important to begin your rehabilitation immediately to regain your knee range of motion. Sometimes continues passive motion machined used to help with this along with the physical therapist. In summary, typical stay after knee replacement surgery is typically three to four days.