Video transcription

Hi, this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg with Miami Dog Training in Miami, Florida. When we're training a puppy not to bite, some of the, some important things are your body language, your tone of voice and you know, some dogs will be responsive to that. Some puppies will be responsive to that, especially if they're really young. But if those techniques don't work, you know, you might try a Bop, which is where you kind of make, like an open fist and give them a little bop under their chin, of course, while your finger is out of there. Clapping their teeth together and creating a vibration up into their skull, they don't like it, that's one way. Another way is a technique called the Muzzle Grab, where you'll grab that puppy's and this, this is a move that's designed after what a mother dog would do. And she would grab, if this was the dog's muzzle, she'd grab the dog, the dog's muzzle and hold on to it. It didn't matter if they scream or cry, she's going to hold that muzzle until they're submissive and calm, and then she'll let them go. So those are some, a few small techniques on how to break your puppy off the biting habit. Now if you have them on a training collar and you have a tab or a six to twelve inch leash hanging off of them, that you can grab it all times. That's another fantastic way of correcting that behavior by giving them a quick leash jerk. You know, again, simulating what a mother dog would do or an Alpha dog would do, to that puppy to stop that behavior.