Video transcription

I've got students that are making anywhere between eight and fourteen dollars an hour now as they're in school. Some of that wont change because they still haven't proven themselves even though they have the sheepskin to prove that they've finished two years. We still like to see that work experience. But again as that builds up and what we say is usually after three years of full time work experiences that's when doors start to open and you can get that twenty five, thirty thousand dollar a year salary. Most executive chefs are going to probably start at around $30,000 and they can go up into the six figures, high six figures even. With cars, clothing allowances, travel expenses. Depending on what companies you get in. Research and development chefs definitely are the big bucks guys. They're the ones that get to travel and the expense account and all that stuff and jump around. And most of them become judges for the, professional judges to keep busy. So it's a huge range and I would say probably the average salary for a chef that's got lets say five years of experiences is probably going to be around $40,000. Somewhere in there.