Video transcription

Hello, my name is Chuck Orlandi with Miami Shores Auto Repair here in Miami Shores, Florida. Okay. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to replace a speedometer cable. And it's right up here on top of the transmission. This, right here, is the speed sensor. It gets its signal from inside the transmission. There's a shaft, and it'll tell it how fast it's turning. And when we find that there's no know, the speedometer's not working, it will send a signal to the computer. It will light up on the dash. It will say, "There's a check engine light on the dash." We'll hook up our computer to it. It'll say, " speedometer signal." And then we'll go and change the sensor right here. And once we do that, we'll hook up the computer again to make sure we're getting a signal. In rare cases, there could be a problem inside the transmission that is not allowing that signal to be picked up by the sensor. Okay. What we have here is a speedometer sensor. This one uses electrical as well as a cable. So you get this signal from the electrical goes into your computer...the computer in the car will know what the speed of the vehicle is going. The other cable part here would run from here up through the firewall to the dash to the actual gauge on the dash that you're looking at when you're driving a car. So this is a type that uses both. Most of the cars today do not use this type; they use just the electrical part. Again, this is located on the front of the transmission right here -- right in this area. It's fairly easy to change, not a big deal. Once again, this has been Chuck Orlandi at Miami Shores Auto Repair, and thank you for watching.