Video transcription

Okay, we are going to talk about some some things to look at if your car does not start. Obviously the first thing you want to determine is does the engine crank? In other words when you get in turn the key does it start or crank the engine? That usually means that the battery is okay, the starter is working. Next thing that you might want to check is make sure that you do not have a sensor that is unplugged like your mass airflow sensor right here, you want to make sure all these connections are tight right here. And on the throttle body itself you want to make sure all these connections are all pushed in everything is tight, nothing is loose, you want to check for vacuum hoses make sure they are they have not come off anything like that. Next thing that you might want to do is you know see make sure that you can try and hear if you listen for the fuel pump if you turn the key on and then turn it off, you might should be able to hear the fuel pump hum a little bit sometimes the fuel pump relay goes out or the fuel pump quits, so the unfortunate thing about today's fuel pumps are in the tank and a lot of people do not change their fuel filters as often as recommended and they run the gas fuel tank level down too low and that is a recipe for premature fuel pump failure. When your fuel pump quits like that, you probably need to get your auto club card out and have your card towed in because that is about the only way you are going to repair it, because the fuel tank will have to be removed in order to get to the pump. And if you do replace the pump you should also replace the filter and the sock filter that is inside the tank and make sure the tank is clean before you put a new or re-manufactured pump back in to repair it so. Those are some of the some of the things that you need to check some other things you can do, that is you know you got to be very careful doing it you can take some starting fluid and sometimes spray it in here and take just a little bit not a whole lot and see if the engine will start for a second, if the engine starts just for an instant and then dies that usually means you are not getting any fuel, to the to the injectors and you might want to look at the fuel system or should look at the fuel system as the cause for your concerns. So most non-start issues can be, fuel related, they can be electrically related and they can be computer related. Some of the sensors like the crank shaft position sensor might fail, something like that and and you know the the computer does not see a signal for the crank shaft position does not know when to fire the injectors off and and send current to the spark plugs to ignite the air fuel mixture and so nothing happens.