Video transcription

Hey, it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here and I'm going to show you how to hook up your VHS VCR to your Mac computer. Now there's a couple of things you're going to need to get because the connectors in the back of this don't go into the Mac without a little bit of help. But don't worry, Mac is here to help; couple of connectors and you're ready to go. One like this little guy right here. This allows you to choose either super video connector which is a much better connector or the RCA if that's what you have available. And then you'll need a little connector to get the audio in. This is our stereo audio connector and then this end here, we'll hook right into our microphone input on the computer. So let me show you how it's done. You can see here on the back of the computer, we've got the video out; you always make sure out, not in 'cause they're going out with the information, into our laptop. We're going to put our S video cable here into the back. We're going to hook up our, our red for right, white for left and our stereo input there. Now we're just going to take and hook this one end into the computer here and the other end into the microphone slot. Click and there you go, open up your favorite video editing program, follow the instructions and you're ready to hit play in your VCR and record it right into your Mac. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying, "Stream you later."