Power Door Lock Troubleshooting

Video transcription

Power door lock troubleshooting. Power door locks like any other electrical component on a car are prone to failures due to electrical interruptions, corrosion, broken wires or blown fuses. If your power door locks are not working it's best to determine based on the symptoms of the failure what the component might be that's failed. If none of the door locks are going up and down, then there's a good chance that you either have a blown fuse or the primary power that supplying the door lock module is not working properly. If your door locks work on all but one door then it is likely that the servo actuator that is actuating the door lock mechanism on that one door is either seized or the wiring going to it has a problem. You can usually take apart the door panel to see the actuator and you can try lubricating it or removing it from the door and testing it externally. If your power door locks only work from one switch but they all work, then the likelihood is that whatever switch is not functioning is the problem. That switch can be replaced or disassembled and cleaned it could just be a problem with the contacts or it could be a problem with the wiring leading to the switch. And lastly if you have keyless entry and your key fob is not working but the door locks appear to be working fine from the switches on the inside of the car then you likely have a problem with the key fob or the battery in the key fob is dead and should be replaced.

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