Video transcription

What is the life cycle of a snake? Well to be frank it's not that much different than you and me. Snakes start off as eggs, they're usually late though sometimes like in some boa species the species is called oval viviparous which means that they old the eggs internally and then hatch them inside their body and then give birth to the snakes so it appears as live birth though it technically and scientifically doesn't constitute as a live birth. Then from then they hatch out of the eggs and baby snakes are called neonates and from there as they eat and grow and shed their skin they become what we call juvenile snakes and then after a time they mature out and they become sexually mature. That is what we use to define an adult snake so an adult snake is not a certain length necessarily but it is a snake that is sexually mature and ready for reproduction. There are many different types of snakes and many different ways to judge neonate from juvenile from mature adult. It can be anything from size to coloration and in fact some snakes like green tree pythons and emerald tree boas when they are born are radically different colors than the adults and they are often born in vibrant yellows and oranges and reds and then as they mature out into an older adult they lose all those vibrant colors and become a beautiful green so the life cycle of a snake is not all that different between you and me but it has its own little foibles and pieces of beauty to marvel at.