How to Create a Hotmail Account

Video transcription

Hi, my name's Todd Amazeen. Ive been an internet business consultant for fifteen years. I'm going to show you how to create a Hotmail account. Type in your browser and hit enter. Click on sign up beneath the Window's Live Hotmail. And then click get it in the center of the screen. Enter the e-mail address you desire, and then select "" from the drop down list to the right. Hotmail will tell you whether the e-mail address you want is available or not. If it's not available, simply choose a different e-mail address and type it here. Now enter your password. This is the password that you want. And click in the retype password box, and retype the password you just typed. Now, scroll down. Enter an alternate e-mail address. This is either a work address, or another personal e-mail address that you may already have. And then select a reminder question. And type in the secret answer. Now fill in your first name, and your last name. Check your gender. Type in your birth year. Select the state in which you live, and enter your zip code. Now continue to scroll down, and type the characters that appear here, into the box below. And click "I accept." You've just learned how to create a Hotmail account. I'm Todd Amazeen.

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