How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

Video transcription

Hey we're going to talk a little bit about adjusting your scope when you're bore sighting it. We have basically on the end the bore sighting scope, the cross hair grid in there and our scope is set in place. We're going to envision that this is in a vice so it's not wiggling all over the place. We've sighted down here and we've determined that we need to move these cross hairs so they'll become in line true dead center to the best of our ability to the bore. Most scopes you'll have to remove the caps, remove the caps. On this particular scope you might be able to see they have a little cross piece that allows you to just grab it with your fingers and adjust it. Some of the scopes don't have that, they have a little slot which would be used for a coin or a screw driver, something like that and there's directions up on this one and left with an arrow on this one. You may be able to see that on here, L for left and Up for up. What you're going to do is as you are looking through the scope at the grid in that bore scope sighter you are going to adjust this one to bring the cross hairs up to the center line that runs across. You're going to adjust this either left or right to bring the vertical cross hairs either left or right to the vertical center line. Once you have aligned the cross hairs of the scope dead center with the cross hairs that are in the grid in the center now it's basically bore sighted as best you can do inside the shot. Once you have done that you'll have to go in the field and settle down with a good rest and a steady hand and shoot it in to make sure that where your cheek fits on here and where your eye sees down the center of this scope, the scope is now adjusted for you, where you see it and where you shoot it and that's the final test. That's what you need to do so you know that that gun is going to hit where you need it it hit whenever you shoot it. That bore sighting is to begin with, I usually recommend that people start at 25 yards once they take a bore sighted gun in the field because my cheek weld on this gun when I'm bore sighting is going to be totally different than theirs when they're shooting it, 25 yards gets you on the paper. You may be almost dead center. You may be a ways left or right, up or down but the final tune up is in the field.

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