Video transcription

My name is Staff Sergeant Hawkins. I'm a local Army recruiter head quartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we're going to talk about the Department of the Army pay scales. The difference, there's a whole big span here of the Department of the Army. We're talking about enlisted soldiers, we're talking about warrant officers and we're talking about officers. The pay scales vary from a private E-1 coming in the Army roughly making $12,062 a month to a lieutenant starting out 2nd lieutenant at twenty five, fifty five, seventy per month. And we have, as far as the enlisted side of the house, we have guaranteed promotions up through E-5 now. If you come in as an E-1 six months later you're automatically promoted to E-2. Six months after that, which will be a year, you're promoted to E-3. Add another 12 months on top of that which will be a total of 24 months you're promoted to E-4 and then 6 more months on top of that you're eligible for E-5. E-5 is a non-commissioned officer grade. You do have to attend a leadership school to get into these further advanced NCO grades. The officers also have their career paths and the different schools that they have to attend. If you are interested in learning more about the Army pay scales and the Army in general, like to explore your options. Please contact me at 801-487-8686.