Video transcription

Hello my name is Eric White and we're going to talk about how to rebuild a print cartridge on a Canon MP460. Now what I've done here is I am on the Canon website and I have looked up the Canon MP460. At the bottom underneath the picture of the printer there are several tasks. Support and service was the one I chose and then in the search box I put refill ink cartridge so basically here is what you do. You open the printer up and what is going to happen when you do this is the printer is going to go into a standby mode. You are going to hear some little buzzing movement around and that's o'kay. Open it up and it has got this little brace and it is all braced and now you can get in where the print cartridges are. Open your box where you got your print cartridge and you are going to want to tear this little piece of tape off that is covering the part where the ink flows into the printer. You take that off and then slide the cartridge into place just like in the figure. You have one color and one black and white and just place it down and slide forward until it clicks into place. They remove the same way. Pull it out and up and right out, down and in with the replacement cartridge. Once you get it in you close the case back down and your computer is going to prompt you to align the print heads and possibly clean them. It is all automated to the software of the printer.