Video transcription

Okay, we're back, and we're moving onto the next type of stain to remove from carpet fibers, and that is glue stains. Now ideally we want to catch the glue stain right when it's first dropped onto the carpet and you would just want to take a paper towel and place it over the glue and you want to remove the excess. And then just go over the glue in picking up motion, focusing on removing the glue from the actual carpet fibers themselves. Then, you just take some lukewarm water and soap and put a little bit of mild liquid soap and water into the area. And if it's just white glue this should pull it out. If that doesn't work, then you can go over with some white vinegar into the area. And blot the vinegar. Then you would want to finish up with some warm water and soap, blotting the area more. And that should take the glue right out of the carpet fibers, lifting the stain out. And that's how you get glue out of the carpet fibers if it's fresh. If it's been there for longer, what you might want to do is sniff the fibers and the very tips of them to remove them from the carpet. And as always when you first start out, you would want to try to remove as much of the glue excess as possible before starting to use any type of chemicals.