Video transcription

Have you ever wondered how you can use manicuring tools, and implements to execute your service? Hi I'm beauty artist Jackie O, and today we will be going over how to use manicuring tools and implements. You first have your cuticle nipper. A cuticle nipper can be used to nip lose skin around the cuticle area of the nail bed. You want to only make sure that you're nipping the lose area that is up off of the nail bed. Be very careful not to cut or nip the cuticle area. You also need a finger nail clipper. The finger nail clipper is basically used at the free edge area, and small snips to cut down on the length of the nail. You can nip as much as you like, depending on your desired length. You also want to be able to use a cuticle pusher, which is a orange wood stick. When you use this with softener, you can gently push back the cuticle area and light strokes. You also want to make sure that you have a natural nail file and buffer that's not too rough, where you can smooth out the edges after you nip the nails. Follow up with a natural nail buffer, to make sure that, that area is nice and smooth. If necessary, you may need to have a nail brush. This is to brush off any areas or any debris to prep your nails for the polish. Now you see how your tools can be used in manicuring. I'm beauty artist Jackie O, and today we have definitely incorporated tool implements in our manicuring service.