Video transcription

Hi I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and this is how to grow onions. Onions are a cold weather crop. They are extremely cold hearty and they can be planted well before the first frost. If you have the ability to start them indoors in flats that is always good but you don't actually have to. In the Spring as soon as the soil can be worked like this you can get out there and put onion seeds in the ground. If you have a common garden seeder like this that could be really helpful and then you can get the plate for onions and once the Earth is nice and tilled and fluffy like this you can go over it and this will plant seeds at a very even spacing throughout the row and if you don't have one of these then you could use a garden spade hand held like this one to mark out the rows. You are going to want to sprinkle seeds in there like this about one per inch on average over the course about a half an inch deep and then when you're done cover it up again. Make sure to water them in and keep them well watered for the duration of the season until they become nice and big. During the middle of the Summer they will bulb out and they'll create the onion at the bottom. They are ready to harvest when the tops start to flop over and they'll just do that on their own. It doesn't mean it is sick or dying or anything it just means it is ready. At that point pull the onion out, put it into a dry and preferably warm area and the tops will shrivel up and the bulbs will become hard and with a papery skin around the outside. At that time you can clip the top off and you've got yourself a nice storage onion. I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup and that's how to grow onions.