Video transcription

This is Richard Goms. We're in Murray, Utah. We're talking about basic car care. I'm going to show you now, how to add water to your battery. Unless you have a sealed battery, there will be something on top here, that as you open it up, and you need to pry up on it, probably, with a little screwdriver, or it may be a screw in knob, that you unscrew, and there's holes here, and for a twelve volt battery, there should be six holes. You've got this one, and then you've got this one. What we need to do, is look down inside this hole, and oh, about an inch down, there is a rim. If the water is not up to the rim, then we need to add water to it. In this case, we have two or three that need a little bit of water. If you can't see any water, you probably let it go too long, but you can still fill it with water, and try it. We'll very carefully, try to get a little bit of water, in the hole. Now, you don't want to overfill these batteries. You just want to bring it up to that little rim down there, about an inch down, and then when you get done, you've got to put your caps back on. Make sure they are good and tight. Now, on some cars, there may be a brace coming across here, holding the battery in position, and that would have to be removed first, before you could get at these.