Video transcription

This is Richard Goms, we're in Murray, Utah, we're talking about basic car care. I'm going to show you now how to change your own air filter. Its actually a very simple job. Most cars, the air filter is inside one of these plastic boxes either on this side or the other side of the car and usually there is some kind of a hose tubing, rubber tubing mechanism that goes over from the air cleaner over to the fuel injection, over to the engine. These are fairly easy to change. They have clips that, they're a little tight but they can be released with a little pressure and you don't have to do like the old cars where you have to get out tools and wrenches and screwdrivers and stuff. There's one in the back here too holding it on. Now what we're going to do is there is some tabs back here that hold the back end in place, the clips hold the front end in place so we're going to lift up and pull back to release those tabs in the back. So this is the filter and this what the filter looks like. As you can see, its pretty dirty. Let's go ahead and change that. We bought a new filter at the auto parts store. Comes in a box and there's a bag inside that keeps it clean. We're going to take it out of the bag and then we're going to slide this back in where the old one came out. Make sure its seated well and then I'm going to do everything in reverse. I'm going to slide these black tabs in to this side and then make sure that the top of the box is seated properly and then I can clip these tabs, these clips, right back into place.