Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert, and I'm going to show you how to hook up your DVD recorder to a DVD player and your television. Walk with me. All right, here we are at the back here. Now, to come in to the DVD recorder, we're going to need to see here that the only thing that allows a line in is through the video, the RCA connection, which looks like this. They're also called phono connections. So we're going to come out of our VCR up here, with the yellow for 'video', then the red for 'right audio', and then the white for 'left audio'. And then over here at the bottom, we're going to hook it up into the same configuration; the red down here, the white just above it, it's going to be the white just above it, for left channel audio and then the yellow for video. Now, we also want to be able to record some of our favorite cable shows, so I'm going to use what's called a coaxial cable over here, more of a traditional cable cable. And we're going to put it right in to VHF/UHF in. And then this will just spin in to place. And now we may want to take we want to go out to our television, okay? So we're going to hook up, using our best cables here, which is the component, which breaks it up into the red, blue and green. And we're just going to match up the color coding. The PR for red, the PB for blue, and the green for Y or yellow. Now we follow it up here, we've seen that we actually already have it set up in to to the television monitor with the same thing into AV1, with the red, the blue, and the green. Plug 'em all in, and you're good to go! And that's how you hook up your DVD recorder to a DVD player and your television. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying, "stream ya later."