Video transcription

That's it! Oh man, I, I, I...I need some help! I think it's got me! Oh, hi! Today we're going to show you how to connect two computers to one monitor...I don't think it can be done, simply because: two sockets, and one plug. How to connect two computers to one monitor? Oh, it's quite complicated, actually. You've got to use an external device to create single input control. Now look, it's not quite that easy, but it's not quite that complicated, either. Hmm, well, there's a couple of ways to do it. Probably still out there, though higher to find, is the old AB switch box. That allows you to connect two video cables into one box and have the monitor cable going to a third outlet. Then you simply switch between A and B. They're very inexpensive. You could probably find some in your local computer or hobby shop. A second option for connecting two computers to one monitor, slightly more expensive, but considerably more flexible is the KVM switch. That stands for keyboard, mouse and video. This little device actually allows you to connect not only two computers to one monitor, but two computers to one monitor, one mouse, and one keyboard, saving you lots of space. So, how does it work? KVM switches come in a number of configurations. Some are cables that have just two outlets. Some are boxes that have four. Some have as many as eight, sixteen or thirty-two. For the purpose of this demonstration, you're going to need two video cables, male to female, your KVM switch, and of course, your monitor, with a cable on it. So, first of all, we'll connect the two female ends right into the KVM switch. It doesn't really matter which port you select. They can only go in one way. You be gentle...brain over brawn. If you bend the pins, the video won't work. Put your cable in, tighten it down, and put your other cable in, and tighten it down. Lastly, we're going to take the video cable, male, coming in from the monitor and we're going to put it in the console port. Again, it can only go in one way and these would plug into the video card, coming out of your computer. At that point, all you've got to do is turn it on, and hit the select button to go from one computer to the next on one monitor. Now that's pretty easy to do, but hey, as always, read the flippin' manual.