Video transcription

Hi I'm Evan from Gregg's Greenway Cycles and today we're going to go over how to tighten or loosen your brakes on your bicycle. The first thing that you want to do when tightening or loosening your breaks is decide where exactly it's comfortable for you to pull on the lever. If you like it to pull all the way back to the bar, then you know that you need to loosen up your brakes a little bit. And if you like just a little bit of pull before your breaks start to engage, then you know you need to tighten them up. One of the easiest adjustments you can make when tightening your brakes, is with the barrel adjuster here. And you just go ahead and spin it clockwise until you feel you're getting an adequate amount of pull. Whatever feels good for you. And then that looks right about good about there, pulling about half way before it starts to engage. And then this nut here, go ahead and lock that down so that this one is keeping this one stationary up against the lever body. So that's one way to go ahead and do it. And then also a secondary method to adjust the tightness or looseness of your brakes, is to come back to the actual caliper itself, here on the back of the bike. With a five millimeter allen key, you can actually adjust the pull right at the brake caliper itself. So you can just adjust how much cable is being pulled right at the caliper, and it's kind of a hit and miss since you can't be pulling and adjust at the same time. So you kind of have to make an adjustment, then check you pull. And that seems a little bit too tight, so maybe you let just a little bit more out. There. Then give it another pull, and that feels good. And then your last check is to make sure that your pads aren't rubbing on either your disc rotor or on your wheel. And in this case we have a disc rotor, and so it sounds good. There's no pad rubbing, the wheel isn't dragging at all. The pull is good, nice and comfortable. Not too far, not too close. And that is how you adjust your brakes.