How to Contact Yahoo! Support

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tod Amazeen. I've been an Internet business consultant for 15 years. I'm going to show you how to contact Yahoo support. First login to your Yahoo account and then go to mail by clicking on the mail icon on the right hand side of the screen. In the upper right hand corner of your web browser, you'll see a help section. If you click on the down arrow next to it, you'll see the first option is help. Click on that and you'll be taken to the Yahoo mail FAQ section. From here you want to scroll down and click on Contact Us from the middle column. And then you want to click on Contact Customer Care. From this page, you're given a couple of options to either contact Yahoo to restore your mail, general help questions for Yahoo mail classic or to report Yahoo mail abuse. If you've lost or deleted an e-mail within the last 24 hours, click on the Yahoo mail restore help form. If you have general questions for Yahoo, click on the Yahoo mail classic technical help. You'll see on this page you'll need your Yahoo ID and your name, your e-mail address, the issue type, the country and then they give you a few forms to describe the problem. And when you're down, you'll click on Send. If we go back to the help page, you can also report mail abuse. This is if you're being abused or harassed or if you're being sent a lot of spam. You've just learned how to contact Yahoo support. I'm Tod Amazeen.

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