Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gibson and I'm going to talk to you about diagnosing some common washing machine problems. Now if you're running into some situations with your washing machine, one of the most common things is whether it's not draining properly. In the back of the washing machine you will have the supply lines and your drain lines back here. So, if it is not draining properly, now this particular line here, I can't pull it out and show you, but if you have some residual water in your tub it's mostly caused by maybe the drain is clogged. Now this one's tied together so we can't pull it apart to show you, but what you want to do is there's a seal on top of this, it's a good idea to pour Clorox or to put a vinegar baking soda mixture down this line to keep that line clear. You can also remove this hose from the back of the washer and to make sure it is not obstructed. There can be debris and certain things that pass through your washing machine that can clog up this line after a while. Now if you're just not getting water you might to check your valves here and just make sure that your valves are open. A good tip here, if you ever go anywhere for a long period of time, it's a good idea to cut those valves off to make sure you don't have a busted line while you're gone. The other things that can go wrong is just making sure that you want to make sure that all your knobs are in the correct position and that they're not perhaps halfway between a place. So if it is, you may flip this if it's not washing or doing anything, it may be that your knobs are not all the way in the right place, so you want to make sure. Most of these have detents so that when they are on the right cycle you'll actually hear an audible click when that's in the right place. Now the other problem that's a common problem that when you're washing machine is not working is that the door may not be closed. This particular model actually has a door lock light since it is a front loading and it'll actually give you an audible tone and a light if the door is not closed properly. I'm Tim Gibson and that's how to diagnose some common problems with your washing machine.