Video transcription

HI, my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to show you how to open an E-mail attachment. Lets open up MicrosSoft Outlook. Now, as you can see I have an E-mail here that's titled "Important Item Attached", I want to see what's attached to this E-mail so lets double click on it and that opens up the readers screen, this shows you everything about this E-mail. Right here in sort of the middle area of the readers screen directly above the subject, is a listing of the E-mail and all its attachments. To open up that attachment, which is important, lets just double click on it, now select open, this opens up the attachment since it's a word document in the word reader screen so just say open and now we can see that this is the attachment that was sent to that E-mail. If we want to get where we can edit it and respond to in Word, just click close, up here at the top and that opens up a normal Word document. It's that easy to open attachments. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to open an E-mail attachment.