Video transcription

So you want to make a paper flower bouquet. My name is Robert Segundo, and I'm going to teach you how to do that today. What we're going to do is we're going to, first you need to do is make some paper flowers. So what we're going to do is make a real quick rose. What I've got here is I've got a piece of pink paper. What we'll do is just fold it up just a little bit, like so, and just, actually you know what, we'll do it another way. You just take it and roll it like this. I've got this little end piece here and I'll just take it and kind of fold it up, fold that down. Just grab it, and twist it, grab this end and twist it. So, we'll open up the head of our rose a little bit. Just kind of twist it until you get a shape that you like in it. Now, if you've made several of those, what you can do is grab your pot here, just do anything with them really. You can throw them in here, and throw some rocks in here, some sand in here to hold them in to place. If you want to, you can actually go out an cut pieces of fern, or pieces of string that look like fern and put them in the back, so it, you know, kind of gives it a little, you know, color or whatever. I'm not going to do that. And, or if you don't really like that idea, what you can do is you can just take it, take a piece of paper. So you take your roses and just lay them in the center right here. Let's take our actual silk one roll it up front. Just want to take it and roll it up in a nice hand bouquet like so, and maybe stick some ferns in there, something for the back, for a little more greenery. There you go. So, many different ideas, so you can do whatever you want to. Just play around with it, have fun and enjoy.