Video transcription

Hi, welcome everybody, my name is Lars Eric Robinson, and I'm a freelance illustrator with LarsEr Arts is my company. Today we're going to show you how to preserve your watercolor drawing when you're done with, I have an abstract piece here that I did a little demonstration on. And when I'm done with it you could just let it dry a little bit here, and they have workable fixative out there that's great for different things if you want to have it protected. I like the workable fixable, they have other ones that are more - seals it more. But you just do a general mist going one side, and then let that dry out, and then you go the other way with it. It also enhances your colors, brings the colors out more, it gives it a little bit more contrast. And like I said it protects it, so if you want to go on top of this again, I could take other mediums like chalk or anything else, or even use a gouache which is a harder version of watercolor, and I can go on top of that and fill that in. So once again there's also varnishes that you can get that you can put a clear on it to give it a real good shine, but I always recommend workable fixative especially if it's something that you're working on in stages. Thank you for joining me in my studio today, enjoy, keep on drawing and painting.