Video transcription

Welcome everybody! My name is Lars Erik Robinson with Lars A Arts, I'm a freelance Illustrator slash fine Artist I graduated from Art School and we're going to talk about how to frame an oil painting. For example this one here, I have the frame and it's all taped off in the back. If we took this apart we could imagine that it, want to have the glass raised off it. We really want to have glass on an oil painting, we need to make sure it has some mat board so it's not touching the surface of the painting. That's why I have a couple mats here, so it's raised off of it, so it's not touching the, the final oil and so that's a very important factor when it comes to framing oil paintings. Most of the time people don't need, actually have, have frames on all paintings. What they basically do is they have just a frame part and then the painting itself without the glass. Because six weeks later after you finish your painting you can put a varnish on it, a medium varnish and it gives it a gloss and you don't have to really worry about it, affecting it. But that's one of the ways that you frame oil paintings. Thank You for joining me, my name is Lars Robinson with Lars A Arts.