Video transcription

Hi. If you've ever wondered what hot stone massage was all about, I can give you some pointers. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae. Now, hot stone massage has actually been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. And it is a great way to relax the tissue in ways that the human hands can't. Now, our human hands can't really carry heat, because that will burn us, of course. So, the best way to transfer heat to the tissue is to use some hot stones. And this is a really nice way to relax tissue while you're working on another part of the body. So what you would do, and every therapist has a different routine. Uses different kinds of stones, as far as shapes. And a different number of stones in their individual routine. But what I do, is I like to take my stones out of my crock pot, making sure I have oil, because oil is very, very important. It helps the stones not stick and burn the client. So you're going to take my oil, put it on my stones, and I'm going to use these hot stones to really relax the tissue. And they just glide right over, while maintaining heat very well. They hold on to heat very, very well, so that it's a nice transfer into the muscle. And just glide 'em over the clients skin, putting moderate pressure. And they usually stay hot for a couple minutes, so you've got a nice amount of time to really affect that tissue. And you can use the stones on all parts of the body. We usually use basalt stones, which are from a volcano, which means they withhold temperature and pressure very well. And like I said, they hold the heat for a couple minutes. So you don't have to worry about them cooling off too quickly. Now that we've done the back, we can do this on any part of the body. We can transfer this movement to the arm. Like this. On any part of the body. You can go from the arms, the back, of course, the lower back, and also the legs and the feet. Now this was just a very basic overview of a hot stone massage, and why we use these kinds of stones. I hope you learned a little bit today. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae.