Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy McCauley, and we're going to discuss how to gain upper body strength without equipment. A couple of things you want to think about, where you're surface is. Let's go down to the floor. You're doing pushups, do Y-pushups to make two 90 degree angles. You can do an incline pushup, where you're placing your hands against a chair or a bench, decline pushups flip around the other way, put your feet on the bench, hands on the floor. You can do overhead claps, where you're reaching up over your head like a jumping jack, and just repetition after repetition clapping your hands, working into your shoulders and into your chest. Doing dips, tricep dips, using a chair or a bench. Keeping with the triceps, do tricep pushups, where your hands are close, chest is going down to thumbs, so you can either do a tricep dip here, or you can do a triangle tricep dip, those are really good to do. Planks are just overall core conditioning for your stomach and your back. You can do them on your elbows, you can do them on your hands, you can do sideways planks. For your back, superman laying down on your stomach, hands underneath your chin, doing a back raise up and down. Sticking with the back, going into a quadruped, one arm one leg movement, and just hyperextension in the back. So you lay down on a bench and you just either lift your upper body up and down or you can do your lower body, and that'll pretty much target every single muscle of the upper body, helping you gain upper body strength without weights.