Video transcription

Hi, I'm Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas, we're going to talk about how to do makeup correctly. We're going to start with the first step which is cleans, and tone, and moisturize your skin, put your eye cream on. The next step is to take the concealer on your ring finger and gently pat it into the corner of your eye and bring it out. The purpose of this is to just bring your eye forward and any darkness under your eye we're going to diminish. The next step is going to be your foundation. We'll pat it on and blend it with a sponge. Blend it all over, connect all the dots, bring it together. Make sure you get our chin line. Your next step is your eyes. We're going to go with the eyes and using a big fluffy brush we're going to go with our lightest color. So you want to go with lightest color sweeping it from your lash line to your brow bone. From here to here, inside your eye up. This is your base color. Your next shade will be with a tighter bristle brush and it's your medium shade. You'll go with the medium shade on the top in the crease, like so. Patting is a good idea if you're not quite comfortable with what you're doing. Patting and blending. We'll go with an even finer bristle brush and your darker shade along the lash line. Just as close to the lash line as you possibly can. So, we're going to go with three shades of eye shadow light, medium, and dark, we're going to sweep it up and I'm just going to use a little highlight up here in her brow bone. By her eyebrow just to open and brighten her eye. I'm going to take a very soft pencil, this is Lancome's in dark brown and just intensify that lash line, just get it as close to that lash line as possible. Then taking that same brush, smudge. Up and then look up. You're going to take that same pencil, little dashes along the bottom of the lash, just to intensify. And take the same type bristle brush, take our darker shade, looking up, smudging. We don't want any harsh lines. Everything should be smudged and really well blended. If you're not certain that it's well blended, go back over and just, with your biggest bristle blush, blend. Mascara. The trick with mascara is hit the tips first from the top down. That way you'll make first your lashes are as long as they are and then up, up, up, up. Get the edges, make sure you get the outside to give you the wide open look. And, if you'll look up. Just, and mascara on the lower lashes is a personal preference. Sometimes you don't need it in the daytime, sometimes you like it. For Nancy's eyes it just makes her eyes really wide. A blush, this is a flat bristle brush, my favorite type of brush to use. Get it on the bristles, tap it off on your hand, starting in the apple of the cheeks, press, patting, bring it up the nose, sweep it up the nose, onto the forehead. The purpose of blush is to just bring out the natural color of your skin as if you're just naturally blushing. I'm going to take a big blush brush now and blend. Blending is the magic potion to a great makeup. The final step is lips. Lips consists of liner along the outside edge. Pick a natural color that works well with your skin tone. Let's start in the middle. Start in the middle and work out. Using a lip brush, we're going to put it on the brush like so, sweep it across, starting in the middle again, working it into the liner, blending it with the liner, up and down. You don't want to go outside the lines unless you really, really good at makeup. The final step is our gloss which just goes here in the middle of the lip. Just going to make that lip look pouty and full. Voila! That's how you do makeup correctly.