How to Draw Graffiti Letters

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jay French from and today I'm going to teach you how to draw graffiti letters. Now, a good way to start is to start with a pen. We're going to use a thick Sharpie. The thicker the better really. And, figure out what you're going to write. In this case I'm going to write my nickname, Shatter. Just write in regular letters. Spread them out. And, I'm going to run to the end of the page here, but that's OKay. Don't worry about keeping them the same size. In fact, it's kind of preferable if you don't. Now what you do is you go around them, outline them, and you're going to keep doing this until they start to overlap, which we started to get here, but we're not getting enough here, so we're going to do another outline. And, for time purposes, I'm just going to worry about the first three letters. So my nickname is now SHA. Now, once you've got that general outline, and we're assuming you've done the whole thing. You take some tracing paper, and now, you just follow. I'm going to write them in pencil, because you might want to change this. You just follow the outline. Now, you can get fun with it here if you want, and it's just a general outline to follow. But you can get more dramatic with your curves, I'm going to make this bulb a little more and shrink a little more here. Let's see what this looks like, when we make it in a minute, we'll do the same thing on the top. And this is, of course, just one style of graffiti letters. There are, really, infinite styles. One of the most versatile writing styles, Graffiti. And what you're getting in this is usually called bubble letters, although it's different than your classic balloon letter. Because in Graffiti, bubble letters look different. OKay. What we end up here, is now you can see a more of a Graffiti style look. Now, to add the real Graffiti feel to it, you can do this with color, or just with shading if you're doing it in black and white. But chances are, if you're doing Graffiti style, you're going to end up in color but let's just keep it in black and white for now. Is, you'll do a shaded area. You pick a light source, we're going to say top left, and shade the opposite corners. We'll even get a bit in here where that hole is there. And then, in color, and we're just going to do this with an outline, you can do some highlights. They're a little broken up, on the edges that are facing your light source and you'll get a lot more of a plastic look. Depending on how you go about it, you could even get a metallic look. And that's your basic first lesson on how to draw Graffiti letters.

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