Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amar Enhsaihan and I'm going to talk with you about Excel templates. I am a Financial Analyst so I do lots of analysis and sometimes, some of the analysis that I do are repetitive. And in order to, not duplicate any work, I use templates. I can show you an example of a template. Here I have, this is the template for analysis to analyze revenue schemes for let say a group. I want to see how profitable they are. My template consists of input tab, input; where you input your information, and my analysis does the rest. Depending on these inputs, information changes on these output tabs so I don't need to create new formulas, calculate values or any of that. I just simply enter value and inputs and the rest is done automatically. I enter information in input tab and the rest of the work is done for me by Excel and that's the beauty of using an Excel template. I'm Amar Enhsaihan, thank you for watching.