Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jason, Mac genius, and today we're going to talk about how to connect a laptop to a wireless router. What I'm going to do is I'm going to start in with my airport utilities right here, and here's our linksys router, every time you open your Mac book it's going to scan for airports or networks that are around that area, and you select it, and when you see these bars up here that are all black, you're connected and you have a full signal. So with a Macintosh it's just that easy, open up your lead and select the network you want to be on. So if you've got a tower that doesn't have wireless built into it you can add wireless by going to any Apple store or retailer that sells wireless cards, and the instructions for installing them and running the software will be included in that package when you buy it. Basically it's just a little card - looks a - it's a little bit bigger than a credit card, you install that, hook it up to your motherboard. Most towers are ready for wireless cards, and then you will get your little airport like we had in our laptop, and you connect the same way. I'm Jason, Mac genius, that'll be it. Take care. Bye.