Video transcription

HI I'm Jason, former Mac genius and we are going to be looking at how to change your desktop background in Mac OS X today. Let's get started. What you want to do to change your desktop background is right click if you have a mouse that only has one button, you can hold down the control key on your keyboard and click and it will bring up a contextual menu and this is where we choose to change our desktop background and if you watched the previous clips you will know that you can also access your system preferences up here. So here is your desktop tab. You want to make sure that this is clicked and if you click on any one of these it is going to bring up kind of a panel of included desktop pictures and you will see the desktop change back there as we click on these pictures like that. These are all of Apples preinstalled desktop screen savers which are actually pretty nice. On the pictures folder if you have anything imported in iTunes or I'm sorry iPhoto they will appear here and you can also choose the folder and navigate to where you want to pull pictures from. So as you can see just to set the desktop background you just click on pictures and that is pretty much it for how to change you desktop background. So I'm Jason and thanks for watching. I'm a former Mac addict and we just covered how to change your desktop background. See you next time.