Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ty Brown with We're here in Riverton, Utah today teaching you how to train a dog. The topic of today's discussion is teaching you how to train a dog not to bite. Now there's two main types of ways that dogs bite. Number one, you have puppies that bite. Now puppies that bite, that's a very natural thing for a puppy to do. If you observe puppies playing with each other they bite, they nip, they growl, they play. And so it's very natural, but it's not acceptable with humans. And so with a puppy what you want to do is just simply use a leash, give a little tug as he bites, tell him, "no", and immediately redirect his attention towards a toy or something else that's productive rather than destructive. Now, for an adult dog that bites, that's actually symptomatic of much deeper problems. And if you have an adult dog that bites, you really need to get your dog into some heavy training for obedience and teach that dog how to properly respect his owners and how to properly respect those that are around him. With firm, consistent training with your adult dog, if you teach him proper manners and proper obedience, you can affectively teach him to stop biting. If you need more information on how to train your adult dog not to bite, feel free to contact us at