Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section I'm going to talk about how fast does it take for grass seed to grow. Well that answer would have to depend on when you're planting it and how well you're watering it. This area of grass was just planted about a month ago. We planted it when the nights were still warm. It was early September and the days were quite warm as well. And we've just been watering it really well and it's rained a few times, so the rain has really helped. So it's taken about one month from dropping the grass seed on to some nice compost to having a lush beautiful green area that you can tell is very different than the original area right next to it. So it's best not to plant grass seed in the middle of the heat of the summer or the middle of the winter. It's best to plant it in September in the Northwest or in even April and May because that's when it's still nice and warm during the days and pretty warm at night. And that way the grass seed will grow very quickly. So if you plant grass seed in the best times of the year, in the spring and the fall. Within a month you should have a lush area. If you plant it in the winter, a lot of times nothing will happen until April or May and you'll lose a lot of the seeds because the birds will come get them. So, plant your grass spring and fall and you'll find it will grow very quickly.