Video transcription

And today we're learning simple, easy, basic things to say to a deaf person in their language. Now we've already gone over how to meet someone. Simple, basic little things. Learn how to ask them how to sign. "How do you sign?" Whatever. Finger-spell. It's in another video. Now, let's learn, I was going to talk about six real simple things to say, like, "Thank you." "I'm sorry." "I'm hungry, are you hungry?" Now let's go over thank you. You say it all the time if you're polite. Thank you. You don't have to be "Thank you", cause you're doing it towards them. You're looking at them. Thank you. You don't say "Thanks." If you wanted to say that: "Thanks". "Thank you." If you're saying it in a nice way: "Oh, thank you. Thanks." "Thank you." Hands are flat, stuff your chin. "Thank you." Or you can do it with one hand, "Thank you." And they'll appreciate that you're trying to be polite in their language. Remember, facial expression needs some extra sign. If you're like, "Thank you.", no, that's not polite. "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thanks."