Video transcription

A bow can really make or break a card and this is a perfect bow and that is what I am going to show you how to do today is make your perfect bows perfect. So the first thing I want to show you is I am just going to take a card. This one is already stamped and ready to go. I'm laying my ribbon underneath and you always want to make sure that your ribbon lays flat underneath your card. Bring your two ends up to the middle and it is very simple. You are going to go left over right, cinch it down a little, put your finger on it and hold it and then you're going to go just the reverse, right over left, pull it, cinch it down and what I like to do is at the very end before I really pull it tight is just cinch it up so it's perfect and you'll take your scissors, trim it at an angle, and you have another perfect bow. Another way to tie a bow and I am going to show you with this wider grosgrain ribbon is just like how you used to when you were first learning how to tie your shoes, just take and make two loops and then go right over left or left over right here there is no right or wrong, pull it, cinch it so it is even, trim your edges. Now this type of bow you would just want to adhere to your card with a stamp and dimensional or some adhesive and then the last bow I want to show you is, or another way to make a bow, is kind of a cheater bow but all you do is put your ribbon across and you're going to tie it, right over left, left over right, and then you're going to take on this side and just tie a ribbon into a knot on the front of the card and trim it and of course you want both of your ends to be together. So tying and making bows is really quick and easy. They can make your card really stand out. Here is three different ways that you can tie your bows. I'm Janet Casto, your independent demonstrator with Stampin' Up. I hope you'll go out and try this. They're a lot of fun and your cards will look beautiful.