Video transcription

OK folks, in this clip I'm going to teach you how to draw a rose. Not a cartoony looking rose, but an actual honest to God rose. What we're going to do is we're going to start by first drawing a bit of a odd shaped circle. And obviously, I'm starting with the base of the rose. And we're going to be drawing in pen, so what you want to do is kind of just lightly go around like that. Don't need to do any big clear marks. Just kind of lightly go around like that. Do a base and a little curvy edge along the top. And that'll be the beginning portion of your rose. Then what you're want, going to want to do is you're going to start by working at the base of the petals and working your way in. So what we're going to do is we're start by kind of going up and down. Just to do the, the petals that kind of form the outer portion of the rose. And these ones are obviously the most visible and the most large. And one thing you're going to need in to draw roses is you're going to need to have an understanding of how three dimensional objects look and how they work in terms of drawing them. Like you have to be able to imagine that these are the petals closest to us and these are the petals on the other side that we can not see the outer edge of, obviously, but we can see the inner portion. Inner petals, outer petals. Just kind of learn to understand how 3D shapes work. Now we're going to start to come in, in here, we're going to draw some of the inner petals. And these ones obviously get smaller and smaller as we get further in. And the thing that's going to get tricky is you're going to want to show that sooner or later the petals come to a middle. The way we draw the middle is we'll actually just show to help people understand that this is the middle color this portion in black. Because people understand that, that is the middle of the rose. And at this point what we'll do is we'll come out here and we'll really clearly define some of the outer edges of the rose. Kind of come up. Make sure people know that this is the edge. And you can clearly define some of the bigger petals too. For instance this one, kind of come up and really make sure people see these lines clearly. Most people look in the right areas. That's, that's real, that's really one of the biggest things when drawing anything. You want to make sure people's eyes go to the exactly where you want them to go. You want to focus on exactly what you want them to focus on. Obviously the details you're not supposed to focus as much on. And that would be a good start for just the petals themselves. And obviously we'd come down here and draw a few little leaves coming out like this. And then finally a stem. And you could draw the stem as far down as you like. Maybe even add a few thorns if you are so inclined. But that would basically be your rose.