Video transcription

Okay, so to demonstrate this idea of tremolo, I've chosen a song, it's called "A Simple Twist of Fate." The first chord is a D-major chord. I play the D-major like this. The second chord is a D-major 7 chord. So I'm lowering this note, which is the root. And the third chord is a major 7, or a dominant chord, excuse me, that you could play with your ring finger if you can get the stretch. Okay, so, there's those three chords. Now, we're going to move to a G-major chord. Then, a G-minor chord and then to a D, to an A to a G and then to D, A and back to G. Okay? And the reason why I chose this is it that it's got really nice voice leading qualities which means, you know, one note moves from one to the next note in a close proximity. We'll go through this in a minute.