Video transcription

So I'm sure you're just dying to know what partial dentures feel like. Well, my name is Michelle. And I'm a dental assistant with Solutions. And I'm going to help explain to you what partial dentures feel like. Well I don't know from experience, but from the experience I do have with being a dental assistant is, I heard that they initially, with anything that's a new type of appliance or restorative treatment that's in your mouth, it's going to feel a lot different. It's not going to be natural, because it is a prosthesis. So, of course, it's going to feel bulky. It's going to feel like there's a big piece of plastic material in your mouth. But it usually does take about two to three days or even sometimes a week for you to get used to the bulkiness feeling of it. It even might feel really slick and maybe slimy, at times. This is normal, because due to the fact that the acrylic has been set to a high polish. So therefore, it does feel very smooth like your natural palate or your lower jaw. But usually, the main thing with a partial denture is it's the bulkiness that a lot of patients have a problem or an issue of getting over, just the bulkiness of it. But if you consult with your general dentist, really focus and talk and conversate with him about what your expectations of the end result is. Therefore, it gives them a better idea of exactly how to make it. So therefore, it will fit your mouth in a lot more comfortable positions. So once again, my name is Michelle. I'm a dental assistant with Solutions. And I just explained to you on what a partial denture feels like.