Video transcription

In this clip, I'm going to show you how to make a ball out of paper. In this clip you will need a pen, some staplers, some scissors, some sticky stuff, some sheets of colorful card, a piece of string, some sequins, and something round to draw around. Get several sheets of colorful paper together and put them all on top of each other. Stack them up, and then choose something that's about the size of the ball that you want to use; invert it on your paper, and hold it very firmly while you draw round on the top sheet, all the way around to make a circle. Now, if you've got a good strong pair of scissors you can cut all those layers out at the same time, or a grownup might help ya'. Be careful, cause' you need sharp scissors for this job. Round and round and round you go, and hold it firmly so that the layers of paper all stay together until you get to the place where you started. You don't need those bits. So, now you've got several circles all the same. Each one needs to be folded in half edge to edge, and make a firm fold and run your fingers along it. Edge to edge, and a firm fold until that's one, two, three, four, and one that's a slightly different color; a blue one. Now then, we've got lots of straight edges. This is where we need the stapler. You can choose the order for putting them. It doesn't matter, it's up to you. Make sure both of the edges are neatly together, so you're going to fold; there's the fold, two back to back, half of them back to back, and a staple and a staple. The next one goes in with its fold to the fold of the other ones. Make sure it's all lined up, and another staple. Then, another one can fit in. Open that one up and there's the edges, there's the fold. Pop that one in, make sure it's all joined up and lined up. That's neat, staple, and staple. And the last one; we should be able to find a place where there's no staples. There's the edges, in it goes, and staple, and staple, and a last piece that wasn't fixed. All those are now stapled together. That's what it looks like from the end; that's how it hangs up. Lick a piece of string so that you can hang it up, and staple that at the top. And then, it looks as if it could do with a bit of decoration to me, so I'm going to get some sequins and stick those on into each of these. It would be a good idea if your sequins could cover up some of those staples that don't look very nice, so that's the next part of the job. I've got my sticky glue stick, and you can just push it down. It won't do any damage to the structure. And I find it easy to stick up the, pick up the the tiny sequins on the end of a wet finger. And just arrange those as you like them. You can put them all over, or just over the staples. Keep going round until you've got several pretty decorations on it, and then you've got your nice paper ball to hang up as a decoration at Christmas, or for parties, or any time you want, and it spins round. There we go, that's finished.