Video transcription

Let's talk about how to remove a tick from a dog's ear. Ticks really like to be around and inside of ears because there's a lot of blood supply and they can feed those really well. Ears are also sensitive, so be really careful. A lot of dogs not appreciate you messin' with their ears so just be careful as well, and third, make sure that that's what it is, a tick, to be removed. Again, a lot of ticks like to be down inside the canal, or sometimes on the periphery of the outside of the ear or behind the ear. So when you identify the tick, what you want to do is use tweezers, or something like that, 'cause that works really well. You want to reach in, grasp the tick by the head, right close to the skin and use a firm movement and pull that tick straight out. You're really trying to get the head out because if the head stays in, it can cause a local infection and things like that, make matters worse for the ear. And so, just use a gentle but firm pressure and remove that tick, and then you know, discard it. Use alcohol or something like that to kill the tick. But, again, just be gentle but be careful also. Ears are very sensitive.