Video transcription

Hi. My name is Sandy Robinson. I'm with The Maids Home Services. And I'm going to help you clean stains out of a toilet bowl. The very first thing you want to remember is to wear gloves, because there's a lot of bacteria and germs in toilets, even in your own home. And as far as the stains go, you want to make sure that you; the very first thing that you want to do is push the water. Put your toilet brush in the toilet, and you want to just keep pushing inside the toilet bowl until you're pushing the water down, because you want to get to the toilet ring. And you can't pre-treat effectively until all the water is off of that ring line. So once you've gotten the water down past any stains you want to pre-treat, just remove the brush. And then you'll start pre-treating your stains. You'll use, for rust or any other mildew or anything that might be happening, you want to make sure you use a toilet bowl cleaner that's a cling method, so it will cling to the surface. Pre-treat it for two to five minutes. Clean the sink, do something else, then come back. You'll scrub the toilet brush. Use the toilet brush and scrub the inside of the bowl, making sure to get under the rim. You may even need to use a little brush like this to get underneath for the mildew spots. And then after that, you'll flush. And it'll all go down the drain. And that's how you clean toilet stains.