Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am going to show you how to stop computer freezing. Let's go to our computer and there is nothing more frustrating than when your computer just locks up on you and programs stop responding. So say I have a program open right here and it is frozen up, it is not letting me click on anything it is just flat locked up. I want to close out that program and restart it so what I am going to do is down here on my task bar somewhere I am going to right click in a blank area and I am going to pull up what is called the task manager and the task manager shows a list of all the programs that are running on your pc and if this computer program actually was locked up it would have something like not responding or something like that showing. Let's just click on that and press end task and that closed out the computer program and as you can see it is no longer running here. Now that kind of fixes that after it is frozen, how can I stop that from freezing in the future. Well typically when you have a program freeze up it is because it is competing with resources for other programs or it is usually some sort of software program but I am going to show you how to get a list of some of the programs running in the background that could be competing with that program. Click on your start program and go up to run on yours or on Windows XP and on Vista I am just going to type in MS Config here in the search bar and click on MS Config which is Microsoft Config and on Vista you have to be an administrator to run it so I am going to say continue and what I am interested in is the start up task. This is a list of all the programs that run when my computer starts up and as you can see there is a bunch of them so the programs that I run are going to be competing with all of these programs for resources while they are running so what I want to do is just uncheck the ones that I know I am not going to use or I don't know what they are, don't need them, I'm just going to uncheck them and once I am done unchecking the ones that I know I don't want I am just going to scroll down to the bottom and click o'kay. Now it is going to then ask if you want to go ahead and reboot and make those changes permanent and you can do so by clicking on restart or if you have to continue using your computer you can hit exit without restart which will allow you to continue using your computer and those changes will take place the next time you reboot. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to stop a computer from freezing.