Video transcription

Calligraphy in a circle. Lots of calligraphers have fun putting calligraphy in a circle and there are different ways to do it so I just want to briefly show you about those ok. Here's a piece that I did and obviously what I did was to take my compass and measure out and I ended up with two different gradations here. And here's a very important message of course, which is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And then I came up with a run on and I said, wholeness begets holiness begets wholeness, begets holiness, begets wholeness. And I don't know whether I actually achieved it exactly, but I was trying for was a little bit more of a gray tone here and then for this to come out whoosh out into darker tone. And of course, with all of my ace unders around here I had to draw another, another circle. This is the original. I had to draw another circle so that I would stay even, so that's one of the big tricks no matter what you are doing. Just stay even.