Video transcription

Right now we're going to talk about dirty ears and ear mites. In an earlier series we talked about checking your cat's ears. So I'm not going to go over that again, but you can check back in the grooming in general cat care series. So here's this guy and he has some dirt in his ears. When I flip the ear back you can see that there's some brown, crumbly wax in there. So in order to clean this out and check it for ear mites, I'm just going to put a little bit of cleaner on my gauze and kind of soak a little q-tip in there and we're going to scoop some of that stuff out. You can see that his ears are very itchy. He's helping me with that process, and that's thick wax. It's pretty indicative of ear mites. Ear mite wax is usually crumbly and thick like that. The ear mites are actually microscopic so you can't see them without magnification, but they're little white bugs that crawl around in their ears. So we'll have this guy, will have treatment for ear mites to take care of that itchiness that he's experiencing.