Video transcription

In this clip I want to talk to you about the difference between the bowl gauge which is what we are going to be using to turn our bowl and the spindle gauge which is a turning tool but it is used to turn something entirely different. If you have some rolling pin or some chair legs or some spindles on a stair baluster, that is what this tool is used for. The reason I want to point the differences out to you is that you could encounter some difficulty if you try to turn a bowl using a spindle gauge and let me explain to you what I mean. Notice the difference in the length of the tool. The bowl gauge is going to have a much longer handle and that is because you are going to want to rest this tool on your hip when it is at all possible. With spindle gauges you are not necessarily going to want to rest this tool on your hip. The other primary difference is the flute. The flute is this shallow or indentation in the steel. The difference in the flute and the bowl gauge is much deeper, so that you can clear chips, not quite as important when you are turning spindles.