Video transcription

So you have your bowl blank cut on the band saw or the chain saw and you are ready to mount the blank on the lathe. There are a number of different ways that you can mount the bowl blank on the lathe and in this way I am going to show you how to use a face plate. The face plate is screwed on to a flat surface and in this case because this is going to be the interior or this is where we are going to dig out the material to get into the bowl blank and this is going to be our outside, you always want to mount the face plate in that area. Now I want to find the center of my blank and because I used a compass to draw my circle I am going to find that little point and I see it right there and so that I can find it when I screw the face plate on I'm just going to mark it with a marker and I'm going to use my eye to put that marker right in the center and to attach the face plate I'm going to use sheet metal screws. They are good because I don't need to use a pilot hole and these are square head which means they're going to last much longer and I'm just going to use a couple to mount them.