Replacing a Tailgate: Remove Interior Trim Panel & Wiper Motor Access Panel

Video transcription

In this clip, we're going to be replacing a tailgate and I'm going to be picking out the tools and de-trimming the door panel for the new gate to go on. When removing a trim panel, the easiest tool to use is a door trim panel tool. It's always a good idea, when you're taking a vehicle apart, to take all your nuts and bolts as you're disassembling it, and putting them into a container, plastic bag, whatever it may be, so you don't lose any of the parts. When I'm removing the tail gate, I'm using a quarter inch air ratchet with quarter inch sockets. Now, I've removed the access panel and I've gotten into the inner door shell and I'm going to remove all the inner parts. Lock cylinders, handles, window regulators, lock mechanism.

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