Video transcription

In this case obviously there is a screw in the tire so this is pretty simple. The average person can do this right here so the tools that you need to have in the beginning before you do that is you are going to need a pair of pliers of course to remove the object or if it is like this you can use a pair of side cutters so you know that is important to have right there and then the other tools that you would have, you would have your reamer and the actual plug installer itself but in the plugs themselves there are like these sticky, they have a coated substance on them so that when you actually do stick this in the tire that it stays in there one you get it in its right position so the plugs are pretty simple but then if you have like a lower profile tire than this like some of the tires like maybe they have on Corvettes and high performance vehicles it is best if you actually have this in here to actually patch the tire which you actually have to remove the tire itself from the rim and then have someone place the patch across the surface inside so that concludes like the patching and plugging of the tire.